Make the Choice to Rejoice

When things are falling apart, don t try to work it out yourself. Let God put the pieces back together.


If you re facing a problem, you ve got two options: You can worship, or you can worry. That s it! This is what I call the faith factor.


Paul says in Philippians 1:18-19, I will continue to rejoice. For I know that as you pray for me and the Spirit of Jesus Christ helps me, this will lead to my deliverance (NLT).


In that one Scripture passage, Paul reveals several sources of strength for staying positive and happy in tough times. 


First, you have to keep God s perspective about your problems. Paul says, For I know . . . It s what you know that keeps you going. Paul knows God is working in the midst of his struggle, and he keeps God s bigger perspective that helps him see past his problems.


Second, Paul has people praying for him, and that keeps him going. Knowing you have the support of other believers is like having wind to fill your sails. It keeps you from giving up.


Then he says, The Spirit of Jesus Christ helps me. The Holy Spirit also keeps Paul going. And the same Spirit that keeps Paul going is the Spirit that is working in you and helping you persevere as a follower of Jesus.


Finally, he says, This will lead to my deliverance. Paul has faith that God will work his problems for good. God is going to do his good work, no matter what you decide. But he also wants to see you growing in faith and showing him that you believe he can do it.


Because he has God s perspective, the prayer of friends, the Holy Spirit, and faith, Paul chooses to continue to rejoice.


Make the choice to rejoice.


Paraphrased from devotional by: Rick Warren